Salvaging My Old Sink

Last summer I decided to install new countertops. In an effort to stick to my budget, I decided to not purchase a new sink. I had a cast-iron sink that was discolored and stained, but otherwise in good condition. I found that a similar sink new would cost me about $200, So I decided to try to salvage the one I had. When it was removed from the countertop and the faucet was removed, this is what it looked like:

Dirty sink

I was getting a new faucet, so I needed to make sure I got all that gunk off so it wouldn’t show around the new fixture. Of course, I turned to Pinterest for ideas on how to clean this bad boy, since nothing I had tried so far had worked. (I had tried lime-away, baking soda, scrubbing bubbles, bleach, magic erasers, lemons, etc.) I found, and decided to try, a product called Barkeeper’s Friend that seemed to have good reviews. I was skeptical, but picked some up at Walmart for about $2. This stuff is magic! It still took some elbow grease and a razor blade, but I was able to get the sink sparkling again in about an hour. That’s it! Maybe a silly post, but this stuff changed my life and saved me $200.

FYI I do not receive any credit/pay/etc. for promoting links or products. All links are just because I found them useful. I was/am super excited about this cheap product that got my sink clean!

See the after picture below:

After cleaning it looks brand new!

Here is a picture of the old counters and old fixture, before removing the sink. If you would like to see the full counter makeover post, click here.

Before (sink area)

Here is the new counter before replacing the sink (and before grouting the tile or finishing the backsplash).

Sink area before grout