Image Transfer (How To)

I get the question, “What is a mala?” frequently when I am at a market. Today I made this wooden sign to display in my booth that can provide an explanation to that question.

This was my first attempt at using an image transfer technique I saw on Pinterest. I am pretty pleased with the results. I already had prepared the printed explanation, so all I needed to do was mirror the image before printing. I also had the painted plaque laying around, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Step one: Print out your image, reversed if there is text. I used an inexpensive inkjet printer.

Step two: Coat the face of the image with Modge Podge. I used a sponge brush to apply, and the Modge Podge with the yellow label.

Step three: Smooth the paper, image side down, onto the surface you want to transfer it to. Let dry completely.

Step four: Peel away the paper to reveal the image once it has dried. I used a spray bottle filled with water to soften the paper so it would peel more easily. I also went over the image lightly with sand paper to remove all the paper.

Step five (optional): I added some more paint on top of the image until I was happy with the look. Once dry, I used a spray on sealer since I will be using this outside. I want it to hold up to the elements it encounters during the outdoor markets I attend. 

l think this is one Pinterest project where I can say, “nailed it” instead of “failed it.” What do you think?