La Local Loca is Born!

A synopsis about how La Local Loca came to be.

La Local Loca began in 2013 as a hobby. I wanted the name to be a brand that would reflect my personality, my work, and my love for my home-New Mexico. I signed up on Etsy as La Local Loca and listed some Dia de los Muertos earrings that I made. It remained a hobby for the next 2 years while I worked full-time.

My education is in Graphic Design, but I was working at a job outside of my field.  The benefits were good and it allowed me to live comfortably, but it was killing my soul. In February of 2015 I reached my limit (I like to call it my threshold for BS) and decided to quit, That was the best decision of my life!

I had no back up plan when I quit my job. I purely decided that ANYTHING would be better than what I was doing. I had day dreamed about opening a boutique before, but never really believed it would materialize. I spent the spring procrastinating looking for a new job, and began putting my efforts into marketing my Etsy shop and attending various markets around the state. I had the opportunity to meet a plethora of talented artisans during these shows.

I wanted to create a place that would allow these artists/makers and myself to showcase our work. It needed to be fun. It was important that it be friendly, not snooty. In September 2015, an opportunity presented itself so I decided to go for it and open up shop. La Local Loca was born!

La Local Loca is a collection of handmade goods and fine art. New Mexico’s unique culture is celebrated through art, photography, jewelry and more. Traditional to abstract. Breaking Bad to Day of the Dead. Fine art for many budgets. Friendly, not snooty.